Jerrell Bowman Jr

Coach Bowman has an established basketball knowledge and career. His basketball career includes Class 1A State Championship while attending Wymore Tech during 1989-1990 seasons.  He was a junior when realizing the championship in which he averaged 21.9 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 5 assists.  His senior year at Wymore he was selected as Orange County’s player of the year and Central Florida’s player of the year. Furthermore, Bowman was selected as a two time First Team All-State player, and had an honorable mention as McDonalds All American.

Through his basketball career, Coach Bowman had several Division I school offers including, FSU, Cincinnati, Indiana, USC, Florida, South Florida, Xavier, UCF, with many others.  After his brief college experience, Bowman received an opportunity to play professional basketball in the United Kingdom, team Derby Storm, followed by Edinburgh Rocks.  He finished his career playing for East Lothian Peregines from 1999-2004.

Coach Bowman brings a unique philosophy to the organization by leading the player’s through a standard that includes progressive thinking, creating knowledge that educates the players with situational basketball.  Fundamentals to situational basketball, is first the vision for the game, using creativity, accountability, and execution.  With these concepts, Coach Bowman leads players to not only successful basketball players, but young men.