FR/SO Day @ “Best Of The Best” by E1T1 Elite 2014


The Second Annual “Best OF The Best” Showcase had an amazing turnout. With 80 participants from all over Florida & Georgia. The talent displayed throughtout the day overall was at a very high level.  The event featured a host of drills at the start of the day where coaches emphasized the fundamentals at each station, which isn’t always the case when you go to showcases. The next event was the 1st round of games where players had the chance to get use to their team for the day. After lunch that was provided by Each 1 Teach, the second half of the day concluded with evaluation games 2 & 3  for each team in which we were able to select the camps “Best Of The Best”  Below is our list of THE TOP 20 STANDOUTS, who made the famous TOP 20 Showcase Game.

Darius Banks                    Sophomore       6’5/G-F        St. Petersburg High

David NickleBerry            Sophomore        6’7/SF         The First Academy

Kaleb Fitzgerald               Sophomore        6’0/PG        Cardinal Newman

Kimani Binder                   Sophomore        6’3/SG         Evans High School

Corbin Merritt                   Sophomore        6’9/C             Windermere Prep

Jeffery Prophete              Sophomore         6’2/PG          Coral Springs Christian

Abule Abadi                      Sophomore        6’6/PF          Coral Springs Christian

Tyler White                      Sophomore        6’1/G             Durant Senior High

Jordan Collins                 Sophomore        6’1/PG          Evans High School

Marcus Cohen                 Sophomore       6’2/PG         Sickles High

Mckinnkey (TJ) Harvin    Sophomore       6’0/PG         Bartow High

Michael Akuchie              Sophomore       6’6/PF         St. Thomas Aquinas

Duncan DeMuth               Freshmen        6’7/PF         Seminole High School

AJ Ford                            Freshmen         6’8/PF         Gibbs High School

Zachary Scott Jr               Freshmen        6’3/SG          Westminister Academy

Justin Gandy                    Freshmen        6’5/PF             All Saints Academy

Michael Devoe                 Freshmen         6’2/PG             OakRidge High

Solomon Uyaelunmo        Freshmen      6’8/PF          Westminister Academy

Nick Honor                       Freshmen        5’9/PG          Lake Highland Prep

Marcus Tillman Jr           8th Grade        6’2/PG         SunRidge Middle School