E1T1 Best of the Best Showcase Jr/Sr Recap by Bay Area Hoops 2014

Article by Reginald Burke Sr. 

There definitely was a wide range of prospects who could play competitively in any division.  Its always hard to watch each and every player but we tried our best.

Blake Morrow Sarasota Christian 11 6’3” SG: He plays within his boundaries.  Understands his strengths and puts a lot of effort in being productive.  Appeared to be in great shape and played aggressively.  Marrow took had a good shot selections and didn’t force his offense.  The definition of a good ball player.

Vaughn McCall II Ocoee HS 12 6’3” SG: Athletic, lots of power on his elevation, looks to finish and very energetic.  McCall made shots off the dribble and shot comfortably from outside the arch.  He was able to drive past most defenders which ended in aggressive dunks in the lane.

Pro Wells St. Petersburg 11 6’4” SF: Runs the floor, offensively talented, he’s a true transition player. He’s a wing player with tons of athleticism and an outstanding leaping ability. A walking highlight wheel.  I would like to see more work on the jumper and mid-range shot.

Ludy Kayouloud Liberty Christian Prep 11 6’6” SF:   With his good ball handling skills he can start the transition with ease, he can stroke the long ball as well as penetrate to the lane.

Ryan Kroll Park Vista 11 5’10” PG: This guy is phenominal for his size!  A true floor general. He had complete ball control, passed well in crowded areas and attack his defender when needed.  He’s an under the radar player!

Leandro Allende Chamidade Madonna Prepartor 11 6’6” SG:  Has a good frame, good lateral movement and a strong jump shot with a soft touch.  He may have been the best prospect in the gym.  Allende looked smooth in transition all day. Excellent skill set for his size.

Alberto Moreno Liberty Christian prep 11 6’3” PG: A coaches dream!  Great feel for the game, doesn’t back down, a solid defender with a fundamental game.  Moreno has a strong pull up jumper.  Plays with a demeanor that’s quite but confident.  Accepts challenges and makes teammates better.

Niko Green Spruce Creek HS 11 6’5” SF: “Athletic” and “High Flying” are some words to define Green.  A true competitor.  Always looking to finish around the basket.  Mr. “No Plays Off.” Green was always in the mist of oohs and ahhs.  Loved his energy!


Who we liked:

  • Darius Banks             6’5”    11     St. Petersburg HS
  • Dominic Worthy       5’8”     12     Lake Wales HS
  • Sam Mingledoff        6’3”     11     Oviedo  HS
  • Cameron Corcoran   6’0”     11     Liberty Christian
  • Jean Micheal Tine    6’7”     11     OCP
  • Darius Denmark       5’6”     12     Evans HS
  • Amaru Bryant            6’3”     11     Tallahassee-Leon
  • Austin Williams         6’8”    11     Bolles School
  • Glenn Miller               6’6”     11     St. Peterburg HS
  • Justin Aracena           6’2”     11     Manatee HS
  • Tyree D. White           6’7”     12      Atlantic HS
  • Brion Whitley             6’4”     10     Sarasota Christian School
  • Willie “Tre” Clark      6’4”     11     Palmetto HS
  • Desmond Frazier       6’0”     12     Dunnellon HS
  • Travis Bianco              6’4”     11      St. Petersburg HS